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As August winds its way on, we wake to find another magically sunshine-y day in Plymouth. Walking out the door brings us a mix of warm summer sun complemented by a cooling sea breeze. Breathe in through your nose to the distinct smells of salty air, various foods and dusty streets - today is the perfect day for a walk on Plymouth Hoe.


If you’re someone who loves the sea as much as I do, you’ll know the energising effect of being near water - seeing the dappled light winking up at you, enticing you in (though, as I discovered the other day, it is still toe-bitingly chilly!). That sensation is why I find myself strolling along the promenade, listening to the children’s laughter, dogs having the time of their life with so much space to chase balls and catch frisbees, and the gentle rumble of wheels revolving along the hot ground.


It was on one such walk that I found myself mesmerised by the skill of a young roller skater, moving effortlessly, dancing to their own song that no one else could hear. I knew immediately that I had to talk to them and ask if I could photograph her for today’s Happy Monday.

"Walking out the door brings us a mix of warm summer sun, complimented by a cooling sea breeze"


At just turned 16, the funny, creative and approachable Megan is a very confident skater, able to make moving on wheels look as graceful as a swan gliding silently along a still lake. Upon asking, she told me that it was always her goal to learn - she adored roller discos, but never had the opportunity to learn outside of that. However, in June 2020, when the world was locked down thanks to the global pandemic - and Boris said we could leave the house once a day for exercise - she knew this was her time. She would take her (then new) skates up onto Plymouth Hoe and take tentative trundles towards the retro skill of roller skating.

"Moving effortlessly, dancing to their own song no one else could hear"

I loved Megan’s enthusiasm when talking about her skating. Her pride and passion towards the unique sport was tangible. When I think of roller skating, I cannot help but conjure up an image of large boomboxes on one shoulder, vivid colours and crazy hair… Out of these, it seems that all Megan lacks is a boombox, with her quirky clothes, vibrant hair and bright personality.


Megan currently has three part time jobs: waitressing, working in a bookshop, and also in a café. However, her dream is to become a horse mounted police officer in London. What an incredible career to aim for! And with her head so firmly on her shoulders, I know that Megan can achieve any goal she sets out to do.


"I know that Megan can achieve any goal she sets out to do"


Well this walk and talk has certainly made me happy, but Megan, what makes you happy? 

“Reading, finding new music - when I’m like ‘Yes! I can skate to that!’, train rides, I love train rides… I guess on top of that - travelling, I love travelling, so yeah quite a lot of things!” I couldn’t agree more, nothing like a train journey around Devon and Cornwall!


As the light fades and the evening draws in, so does my little walk. 


You never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll see when out for a walk on Plymouth Hoe, and on this bright August Monday, I hope that whatever you do, wherever you go, you have a Happy one.


Thank you Megan, thank you readers, and to all, have a very Happy Monday


Amelia xx

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